Partner Update: Ujamaa Centre September 2017 Newsletter

By: Hanna Wapenaar, Ujamaa Centre

This latest newsletter from CIHA Blog partner, the Ujamaa Centre, shares information about our multiple recent activities, and also draws attention to our upcoming events. In a recent exchange in Sweden with the Lutheran Church, we emphasized the origins and ongoing attractions of the African Instituted Churches, especially in combatting the racism inherent in European missionizing. Numerous other activities emphasized our work in Body Theology. This work addresses issues of the human body and human sexuality in areas such as HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence, LGBTIQA+, and people living with disability. The mission is to restore human dignity, self-acceptance, and to strengthen resilience among those marginalized, enabling them to mobilise themselves and access resources. We also welcomed several groups from overseas, introducing them to the method of Contextual Bible Study (CBS), which we have frequently written about for The CIHA Blog in this piece by Professor Gerald West and our last update from the Ujamaa Centre newsletter in April. Thank you for reading and we look forward to your comments!

Find the downloadable newsletter here: 20170911 NEWSLETTER August