Partner Update: Ujamaa Centre April 2017 Newsletter

“What is the “Good News” for the poor today? The dominant culture of entitlement, cronyism, nepotism and kleptocracy is entrenched in our political discourse. The people’s urgency and mass mobilization towards the deconstruction of dominant paradigms in our political sphere is fundamental for the realization of socio-economic emancipation of the poor and the marginalized.”

CIHA Blog partner, Ujamaa Center at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, have run several workshops and activities thus far in 2017. In the latest issue of their newsletter, they highlight these recent activities including an economic justice workshop with unemployed youth affected by chronic unemployment; training session for group leaders of HIV support groups in Pietermaritzburg; a Contextual Bible Study (CBS) training in Dar es Salaam; and a candle light ceremony in memory of people who have passed away due to HIV & AIDS.

You can read the full newsletter here:

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the newsletter, you can contact: Hanna Wapenaar at Hanna_in_Afrika[at]outlook[dot]com.