Upcoming Opportunities: August 2017

We would like to officially launch our newly upgraded “Opportunities” section of the site after improving its interface for readers to better track the currently available opportunities. There are several exciting calls for proposals/applications/nominations with upcoming deadlines that we’d like to bring to your attention. For more details and the full listing of many more interesting opportunities, please check out the Opportunities section here. If you have a relevant opportunity that you would like added, please email us at cihablog[at]gmail[dot]com.


The Wangari Maathai Scholarship Fund is looking to award its annual scholarship to a young Kenyan woman who has demonstrated passion and personal commitment to environmental conservation. This individual must also demonstrate their ability to successfully mobilize people and provide leadership in environmental advocacy. As part of the award, you will receive funds towards scholastic needs which includes tuition fees. You will also get funds to support a community environmental project which you must provide details as per the application form. Applications are due on or before August 15, 2017 and details can be found here.

By highlighting the best and worst charity ads of the year, the goal of the Radi-Aid Awards is to change the way fundraising campaigns communicate and engage people in issues of poverty and development. This year’s award ceremony will be held in Oslo, Norway (live streaming online), on December 8th. Final nominees for each category will be announced by mid-November. Previous nominees for the Golden Radiator have shown how powerful you can communicate in a nuanced, creative and engaging way, without using stereotypes – and still manage to raise money for your campaign. Nominate your favorite fundraising advertisement here. Learn more here.

The University of Göttingen will be hosting and sponsoring a Winter School in Jan 2018 on “Inherited Inequality and the Formation of the Modern World.” Young scholars from a diverse set of educational backgrounds and areal specializations will be provided with a set of rigorous comparative tools, drawing on the historical, sociological and anthropological perspectives and foci of the faculty, to understand pervasive and enduring forms of domination—and solidarity—in the modern world. Participants will engage in a weeklong program comprising lectures, seminars and workshops, reading and working groups, and field trips. The school is intended for experienced MA students, and PhD students in the early stages of their degrees. Applications are due September 1st and details can be found here.