Opportunities in African Film & Literature: Sembene Film Festival | African Book Collective | Alter-Ciné Foundation Documentary Film Grant

Sembene Community Film Screening

SEMBENE! has been seen throughout the world, in more than 100 countries, winning multiple awards and being included on several best-of-the-year lists. But it has yet to reach its intended audience: Africa. On June 9-11, we’ll do our best to address that need, and symbolically fulfill Sembene’s unfulfilled dream: to return African stories to Africa. Your support will pay for venue costs, shipping, local coordinators and our marketing and publicity. Our team is made up largely of volunteers, all of whom believe in the importance of sharing Ousmane Sembene’s story of self-empowerment, women’s rights, enlightened storytelling and African liberation. Organizers are asking for support via a gift on Kickstarter.

If you’d like to host a screening or house party, visit here to fill out a request.


African Books Collective Literature Catalogue for Spring 2017 Now Available

The African Books Collective (ABC) Spring 2017 catalogue for order is now available. Ordering information and titles are available here.

African Books Collective (ABC) is a non-profit Oxford-based, worldwide marketing and distribution outlet for 2,500 print titles from Africa, of which 800 are also ebooks – scholarly, literature and children’s books. Founded, owned and governed by a group of African publishers, its participants are 154 independent and autonomous African publishers from 24 countries. ABC seeks to be the primary distribution choice for independent African publishers; to provide the most comprehensive selection of relevant material to customers worldwide in the form they require; to achieve ABC’s cultural aims whilst operating in a wholly commercial space; and to grow the market for African books worldwide.

For more information, visit: http://www.africanbookscollective.com/


Alter-Ciné Foundation Documentary Film Grant

Deadline: August 15, 2017

The Alter-Ciné Foundation offers $10,000 to filmmakers born and living in Africa, Asia or Latin America with a documentary project in your native language that fits in with the aims of the Foundation.  Every year, the Foundation awards a grant of 10,000 Canadian dollars and a few 5,000 Canadian dollars grants to some filmmakers to assist in the production of a documentary project. The grant is aimed at young video and filmmakers born and living in Africa, Asia or Latin America who want to direct a film in the language of their choice that respects the aims of the Foundation.

For more information and to apply, visit: http://www.altercine.org/html/en/programme-de-bourses.php