In the News: A Deeper Understanding of African Migrants

by Kajsa Hallberg Adu

In the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis that is seeing thousands of families desperate to enter Europe, the issue of African migrants to Europe has also resurfaced. The United Nations Commission for Africa has been working on the issue and its executive Director, Carlos Lopes, posted an op-ed on the South African online news portal Daily Maverick on September 3rd, 2015, arguing that flows of migrants into Europe from Africa needs to be better understood as they will further increase.

In his opinion piece, “African migrants – payback time for Europe?”, Lopes point to a number of mega-trends like economic and population growth in Africa, as well as inter-regional migration on the rise on the continent, but also the demographic crisis in Europe with an ageing population and high social security demands. Lopes points out the obvious: Europe is in need of migrants for it not to collapse! So why is migration often equal to negative stories? Continue reading

In the News: Uncovering the Dynamics of Nigeria’s Pharmaceutical Markets with Kristin Peterson

posted by Jolene McCall

On a recent trip to Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Kristin Peterson spoke with Kunle Ajibade, executive editor of PM News regarding her book Speculative Markets: Drug Circuits and Derivative Life in Nigeria. In this in depth interview titled, “How Fake And Substandard Drugs Get To Nigeria,” Peterson discusses her ethnographic research taking place in the neighborhood of Idumota on Lagos Island where heavy pharmaceutical trading occurs. Peterson makes connections beyond the local market of Idumota to macro level markets, contributing to theory on the global flows of capital. Continue reading

In the News: Rethinking Food Aid Programs

posted by Jolene McCall

The detrimental effects of food aid programs are not a recent realization. In fact, a variety of reports highlight the necessity to rethink the food aid industry, drawing attention to how these programs ultimately hurt local industry while those providing the aid profit. In an article published by IRIN News titled, “US Food Aid: Charity Begins at Home,” Tamara Leigh discusses debates surrounding the US Food for Peace program, launched more than 60 years ago, and the difficulty in reforming the food aid system. Continue reading

In the News: MDGs to SDGs and Development Summits

posted by Jolene McCall

In our ongoing coverage of the move from the MDGs to SDGs, including our recent “In the News” piece, “MDGs to SDGs – New Goals, Similar Failings?”, we aim to raise questions about the ability of development initiatives to address poverty. In a recent article featured in Pambazuka News titled, “Financing for Development: A Pan-African perspective”, the author, Odomaro Mubangizi, highlights a number of development issues the SDGs will seek to address while also asking, “Will the SDGs be another list of goals for the next 15 years?”

Continue reading

In the News: Serious Inequalities in the Humanitarian Industry

posted by Cecelia Lynch

The following report and articles detail how the big NGOs, both faith-based and non-faith-based, continue to rake in most humanitarian and development funding to the detriment of national and local organizations. A growing number of observers from different quarters are now criticizing this increasingly institutionalized aspect of the aid architecture, demonstrating its ongoing paternalism and neocolonial characteristics. Continue reading